About Us

Bundles DAM is in the business of producing specialized foods and drinks. Our mission is to meet the ever increasing need of quality indigenous food products. This we do by using locally and globally sourced raw materials (Natural milk, Fruits, Flavours  etc) which are handled by food experts and an efficient team of committed staff, to deliver high quality products (according to best practices and international standards and delivered to consumers at relatively affordable prices.

Bundles Yoghurt

Bundles DAM is a fast growing Nigerian owned multi award winning food and Drink Company established in 2014 to meet the ever increasing need of quality indigenous food products. We currently produce different flavours of Yogurt and flavoured water based drinks.

Bundles DAM

“Our mission is to produce high quality food products using fresh and healthy natural ingredients at relatively affordable prices.”

Amaechi Dawari Modunkwu

Founder, CEO of Bundles Dam

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Bundles Yoghurt

Bundles Vanilla Yoghurt

After the yoghurt was formed, we had to spice it up with natural vanilla flavourings, to make the this product even more exciting. When you’re thirsty and want something creamy and refreshing, this yoghurt drink is a good choice. It’s best drank cold.

Bundles Strawberry Yoghurt

This drink has a refreshing natural strawberry flavouring feel .  Its a new age drink for youngsters.

Bundles Unsweetened Yoghurt

This sour yoghurt drink is practically our healthiest option. No sugar, No flavours, just yoghurt.
Bundles zero Sugar yoghurt is consumed mainly by Diet users and diabetics.

Bundles Plain Sweetened Yoghurt

Bundles Plain Sweetened Yogurt has a sweet and sour blend. it contains sugar, but still gives you the yoghurt vibes. No flavours added.

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What People Say About Bundles Dam

A few words from our customers

A'isha Fa'iqah Ma'aji

“Finally unsweetened yogurt that tastes good! Smooth and creamy and not gaggingly acidic. This is one of the few brands I find in Nigeria that reminds me of yogurt everyone serves in Europe. “

“So delicious. If Bundles yogurt is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Mix with some melted frozen berries (for the extra ooze) and it’s basically high protein, low sugar ice cream..”
Maria Odey
“I will definitely recommend it for those looking for a unique, delicious and healthy snack. You can choose the type of yogurt that you want,”
Julius Eguba
“Oh my goodness... So rich and decadent. Creamy mouth feel with no chalkiness aftertaste. I mixed some cherries into mine and it was heaven..”
Nancy Ariyo
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